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Welcome to our little corner of paradise


We will make every effort to ensure that you have the most pleasant of stays.


In this document, you will find various useful and practical information.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.


  Anne & André

Documentation: (due to the situation, the documentation has been temporarily removed from the gites)

We have prepared in each gîte a selection of documentation on the places to visit, the activities to do, where to eat, ... At your request, we will of course provide all the "paper" documentation desired.

You can't find what you're looking for, come and tell us about it, our address book is full of good ideas.


Loan of books related to Guadeloupe:

We have at your disposal a series of guides and books on the local flora and fauna as well as novels / short stories related to the islands.


Loan of novels and DVDs:

You want to read a good novel, watch a DVD on your PC, come and see us, we will certainly find what you are looking for in our treasure chests.  


Loan of board games:

List of available games

Paid Services:

Laundry :

5 euros per machine, product included (except bungalow and mezzanine, which have their own machine)

3 euros the dryer

We wash for you, you dry on your terrace or we put your laundry in the dryer. However, we decline all responsibility in the event of degradation, discoloration or shrinkage.


Meal :

In order to be able to serve you fresh products, breakfast and the evening meal must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.

The buffet breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

The table d'hôte begins with an aperitif at 6:30 p.m.

If for any reason you are unwilling/unable to eat an ingredient, please let us know at the time of booking.

If the schedule doesn't suit you, let us know. We will do our best to adapt meal times.

Knowing how to live together:

A little reminder of the little things that allow everyone to have a good stay:

  • Smoking is not permitted in the accommodations and common areas. Ashtrays are available on your terraces.

  • Do not park in front of the neighbours' garage, it is their only access to the street.

  • Do you want to listen to some music or watch a movie or something else? No problem, but pay attention to the noise level. The other guests may not have the same taste as you or just want to take a nap or enjoy the ambient natural sounds.

  • Also respect everyone's right to silence and rest at the end of the day and during the night.

  • At the pool, be fair, don't splash everyone, share deck chairs, armchairs and pool accessories.

  • Jacuzzis are available to all guests. Don't monopolize them.


Pool & Jacuzzi:

For your safety, it is forbidden to use glasses or glass bottles in and around the pool and jacuzzis. Reusable plastic cups are available in your accommodation or with us.

The shower is compulsory before swimming in the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi.

It is forbidden to leave a child under the age of 12 unsupervised around and in the swimming pool and the jacuzzi. We decline all responsibility in the event of an accident.  Despite a swimming pool alarm, water remains a danger for our children, please contact us for its use.

Useful addresses :


Doctors of Pointe Noire:

     Dr. Heller Anne: Rue de la République, 0590 92 27 75

     Dr. Fuch Raymond: Rue de la République, 0690 71 36 68

     Dr. Alain Nocher: Impasse Branton, 0590 98 28 48

     Dr. Yves Vairac: Rue Saint Cyr Pagesy, 0590 98 71 70

     Dr. Fred Souprayen: Rue Baudot, 0590 95 29 20


Pharmacies in Pointe Noire:

Pharmacy Piquion Wyckmans, Rue de la République, 0590980281

Pont Pharmacy: Rue de la République, 0590 95 34 22

Taxi - Car rental :

     Taxi and Eco Info Bus: , 0690 300 584

Actions for the planet:

We try to protect our environment through a series of simple daily actions.

We'd love for you to join in our effort.

Here are some simple actions you can put into practice:


Sorting of waste : 

You will find a recycling basket and a compost pot in each gite. When it is full or you want to empty it, bring it to us, we take care of bringing its contents to the appropriate recycling places.

Recyclable waste: clean paper / cardboard

                   Glass jar and bottle


                  plastic bottles

                   Tin can and metal lid

Compost pot: only peelings and coffee/tea filters, no meat, kitchen scraps or paper.

Dry bread: bring us your leftover dry bread (without butter, jam, etc.). They will make the happiness of a local chicken coop.


Energy saving :

  • turn off the air conditioning and lights when you are not in your home.

  • Close doors and windows when using the air conditioning

Please do not let the tap run unnecessarily

Our small gestures in favor of the planet:

  • We have installed water savers on all taps so as not to deplete the resource;

  • All our water heaters are solar;

  • We purify our waste water thanks to a purification station installed at the entrance to the site;

- We read our water and electricity meters every month to better manage consumption;

- We reuse rainwater for outdoor cleaning and watering;

- We replace each bulb with an ever more economical bulb and have already fitted more than 75% of our lighting;

- We favor solar and LED lighting for the exterior;

- We replace household appliances with class A appliances;

- All our accommodations are equipped with a pre-collection bin for recyclable materials and a compost box. We take care of the sorting and transfer to the appropriate recycling places.

     - For our breakfasts and our table d'hôtes we preferably use homemade or local products (bread, jam, fruit, yogurt, juice, coffee, drink, fish, meat, vegetables, etc.)

- Our green spaces are maintained without pesticides and we use alternative methods to products to control weeds and insects;

- We use cleaning products (detergent, washing powder,  dishwashing liquid, etc.) environmentally friendly.

- We print as little as possible and favor electronic invoicing

To contact us :

Mobile: 0690 85 35 17

WhatsApp: +590690853517



Facebook: kazAnne

Instagram: @giteskazanne

Address: 535 Route de Monchéri, 97116 Pointe Noire            

Siret: 843137191 00014

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