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GDPR and Data Protection Act

In accordance with the regulations in force of the European Union and the French State, the company's data collection policy is reduced to what is strictly necessary for the operation of the site and strictly anonymous statistical data.

Les gîtes kazAnne respects privacy by not collecting any personal data from visitors to the site or by other means, other than those voluntarily given by visitors when they contact them for information.

The data collected by the transaction with the customer

The online purchase is made via a professional third-party system that complies with European and French regulations, Freetobook, no bank details requested in the reservation request.

Data kept by the company

  kazAnne must keep the data necessary for the legal exercise of its activity. The data kept for a minimum of 5 years only concerns the data, surname, first name, real and virtual contact details, of customers who have stayed in one of our lodgings for reasons of accounting obligation.

However, you can send us a request at any time to find out whether or not data concerning you is collected and stored by us and what, if any, by contacting us at this email address:

Data collected via cookies

The site uses anonymous session cookies for the operation of the site and for statistical purposes which are deleted either after leaving the site or after closing the browser. All data collection carried out by third parties for statistics ( and Google Analytics) is anonymous and independent of the company. In order to avoid the collection of data by third parties, we invite you to empty the cache memory of your browser regularly.

You can object to the tracking of your browsing on this website. This will protect your privacy, but also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

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