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To better prepare your holidays and travel in Guadeloupe Basse Terre

Coming by plane
Coming by boat
Rental car
Take a taxi
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Kazanne a Pointe Noire
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Coming by plane


The plane is the most common means of transport to arrive in Guadeloupe.
The airport -Pôle Caraibes- is in Point à Pitre. The code for this one is for your research is: PTP
It is an international airport and many companies arrive there.
Air Canada
Air Caraibes
Air France
French Blue
and so on... leave from France, Orly (ORY) or Roissy-Charles De Gaulle (CDG).
And also from Montreal, New-York and Miami.
Do a Google search for Guadeloupe flights and you will have a multitude of results. If you search for Belgium-Guadeloupe, you will find many flight + train proposals (TGV or Thalys).
for your research...

Come by boat ...


For boats ... either you come sailing or in a liner ...
We do not have much information on this, except that the port is in Point a Pitre too ...
It has already happened that a sailboat arrives in front of us, throws
the anchor and landed his dinky, okay, less convenient, especially that sleeping on his boat is more than nice ...

Rental car


You will find many car rental agencies in Guadeloupe, at the airport but also in cities and towns, major retailers and small local agencies just as attractive.

We have also a taxi in our borough of Pointe Noire:
    Gilles and Florence GUIBRUNET
    21 Trou Caverne
    97116 Pointe Noire
Tel (+59) 0690 63 48 62 or 0690 300 584
    Taxi agreement, transport on demand,
    Airport transfers, ferry stations, excursions,
Concerning International agencies have a look at with the promo code: kazanne

There are also plenty of taxis in the island for those who would like to be led, again, a small search on Google .

Tip: Remember to book in advance and do not take too small motor, some roads of Basse-Terre are steep.

Eco Bus
EUROPCAR Guadeloupe partner of kazAnne
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